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    More than 10 years design experiences


    You can expect an unrivalled service of efficiency, quality and dedication to the task,

    knowing that your PCB development is in good, safe hands.


    All-Round, Cost-Effective, ONE-STOP Solution

    PCB designing,PCB Assembly,EMC Lab for testing,and RE testing,EV testing

    LINKYTECH Can take your idea from start to finish

    Reducing development time

    Saving development cost


    To Be The First Choice Of Our Customers

    Our aim is to provide a quality service to bring customer products into production.

    We believe the way to achieve this goal is to form a close relationship that will help exchange information efficiently,

    and use our many skills to produce superior designs.


    An excellent reputation for guaranteed quality and reliability.

    SMT Components down to 01005, BGA 0.3 mm pitch

    Delivering Production Within one day

    LOW Fail Rate

    AOI, X-RAY testing


PCB Design

Linkytech ’s core competency is its PCB design capabilities. More than 150 highly skilled PCB layout engineers working with world-wide customers deliver 'First time right designs”. The stringent process, continual training programs on current technologies are the keys for the success of the company. The experience acquired from handling highly complex PCB designs for cutting-edge technologies spread across major Industry Verticals like Military, Aerospace, Telecom, Medical, Automotive, Industrial and consumer electronics. “Quickest Turnaround Time”- With flexible working hours, multiple resources, skill programs and Stringent Quality Checks, ensure that extreme turnaround time challenges are achieved for customers.

PCB Assembly

Linkytech provides total Manufacturing and Assembly services to clients who are looking for a total “all under on roof” solution for their outsourcing requirements. We see ourselves as partner and act as an extension to your own manufacturing facility, working in tune with both your systems and staff.Our high-tech assembly facility offers both surface mount (SMT) and convential (through-hole) PCB Assembly methods, both of which can be combined to create mixed-technology PCB assemblies.


Fast/Quick Turnaround PCB Prototyping is a major part of Linkytech business model, offering our customers the ability to move their product into production as quickly as possible. Same Day collection on prototypes through to our standard 5-10 working day lead time including scheduling and regular monthly call offs are all available to choose from.

SI Analysis

Experience of handling pre-layout & post layout designs/topologies helps customer to first time right designs.Successfully executed complex Multidrop/Multipoint topologies.Asserting PCB layer stackup/Layer ordering/PCB materials based on SI results. Validating the logic level, Drive strengths, Termination techniques, Thresholds, Over/Under shoot, Propagation Delay, Noise margin etc.  Slew Rate, Timing Budget(setup/Hold time), EYE Diagram. BER, ISI, Jitter, Loss(IL,RL) analysis.Cross talk analysis and mitigation methodologies. SerDes/DDRx/XAUI/PCIe interfaces. Handled upto 12.5Gb speed.

Component Procurement

Linkytech provides a unique electronic components sourcing service to support our customers’ needs and also to complement our in-house PCB Manufacture and Assembly Services.Our team are the experts in sourcing and kitting electronic components from outlets around the world; because of our strong trading relationships and significant buying power through leading electronic components manufacturers and franchised distributors, we are well placed to service your every need.

EMC Certification

Linkytech provides an extensive range of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing and EMC consultancy services, from pre-compliance to full EMC testing. Using our on-site test facility we can help you ensure that your product or installation is compliant with industry specific EMC standards for legislative, national and international approvals

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Commendatory letter from our customer

'Actively cooperate with customers, provide enough resources, and ensure high quality delivery' is the consistent requirement of Linkytech.

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Successfully to delivery Yoga930 PCB design,Lenovo engineer bring upthe system smoothly without any Layoutissue!

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Lenovo Yoga910 Time to market

 Lenovo YOGA910, the smallest mother board,Linkytech is involved in the PCB development


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